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Questions about the European Union?

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About this activity

- Learn more about the Europe Direct free information service for citizens

- Explore publications

- Test your knowledge about the EU and its Member States with our fun quizzes and game


Don't miss the stand of DG COMMUNICATION!


Our job is to bring Europe closer to its citizens and we are happy to show you different ways in which you can find information about the EU in your language.


EDCC (Europe Direct Contact Centre)

We want to help citizens looking for information on the EU so the European Commission has set up the Europe Direct Contact Centre which answers questions citizens may have about the EU in any of the 24 official languages via an EU-wide free phone number and web submit form.

EDN (Europe Direct Network)

Europe Direct Information Centres, European Documentation Centres and Team Europe speakers on EU affairs are three networks to inform citizens about their rights, encourage debate and explain EU policies. More than 500 Europe Direct Information Centres and some 400 European Documentation Centres are present in all EU countries. They organise events, visit schools, help you with print and online documentation and participate in exhibitions. Visit europedirect.europa.eu to find out what is going on near you!


Adults and kids, test your knowledge about the EU and its Member States!

How well do you know the countries in the EU? Come and see if you can recognise buildings and historical sites in the 28 Member States on our smart board game. Take part in our short EU quiz and try to score more than your friends!


Discover Kids' Corner and Teachers' Corner

At Kids' Corner we will show you the games available on our website, you can solve a challenging quiz and discover that we also have publications for children. Younger children will be able to draw and colour.

If you are a teacher, we will be happy to show you teaching material about the EU, for example the colourful booklet “Let’s explore Europe!” which presents European geography and history to younger pupils and “Europe. A journal for young people”, which explains the EU and its most important policies to older students.

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The European Commission is the EU's politically independent executive arm. It is alone responsible for drawing up proposals for new European legislation, and it implements the decisions of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.

Festival of Europe 2016